Our Mission Statement

To build, unify and support communities to live a cruelty-free and plant-based lifestyle, improving the health and wellbeing of people’s lives whilst striving towards abolishing animal cruelty and exploitation.

Our Approach

Through building our brand and networking with growing support from our peers, we work closely with businesses on a promotional level, organising ethical events and connecting people through meetups and social networking.

We build bespoke online marketing and network packages to help your business flourish in this growing sector. We love improving individuals and company’s brands, building and improving websites and growing social presence using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you would like us to help grow your network and business in any way, then please come talk to us. Our strong ethical beliefs make us a trusting partner in moving your interests in the right direction.

What we Want to Achieve

We believe awareness and education go hand-in-hand. Our interest lies in building a more cohesive alliance to help the growth and awareness of vegan values and resources.

Our aim is to promote and encourage an ethical, cruelty free lifestyle that’s more viable and accessible to everyone.

Your Support is Needed

With your ongoing support we can help bridge the gap between vegan-based companies and mainstream corporations, and strive towards a better world for us all. We are always after support and investment from the right people to help grow our dream.

We currently support Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Southminster and National Animal Welfare Trust, Clacton.

For our upcoming event – The Woodbridge Community Fair and Evening Fundraiser, proceeds going to Over The Rainbow Children’s Charity.